Inês Brites works with sculpture, installation and media, referring to what is familiar: a conversation across rejection, fragility, recognition and affection. Playing with unorthodox techniques and tactility, she questions the possibilities of representing vulnerability and our relationship to objects, bodies and nature. Her sculptural work results from a network between found and produced objects processed in an exploratory way of analyzing materials and their purpose, which is mutant, contraditory and governed by the impermeable curiosity employed by relating materialities, the past, humour, accidental compositions, stagings, illusions. Her approach questions the meaning of objects, exploring the impact of these bodies on ourselves, in our societies, though the memories that recall our intimacies.
Inês Brites
b. 1992, based in lisbon

3+1 Arte Contemporânea
Largo Hintze Ribeiro 2 E-F
1250-122 Lisbon
T +351 938 725 298