2023Sun salt shine shinesgroup show at vagacurated by filipa rocha nunes
“(...) We start on the ground. Sun Salt Shine Shines rises like the sun in height. be extra careful with heartfires, by Inês Brites, opens the room, defining its limits. 33 towels protect the baseboards of the House from an orange fire that can be seen on the horizon or a hellish deluge that the worn-out floors can no longer contain. In the imminence of brutality, it is the poetry of details that keeps the body closed, and in the chromatic cadence of the rigid towels, companions, it is possible to contemplate the landscape. If there were gentle warnings of uncertain situations in the artist's solo exhibition Há mais água a entrar no solo (2021), now there is a decision of containance that sustains the collective's emotions, like the backbone of the reunion of these works, an impermeable network of affections. Towels stiffened by wax mark the gestures of caring practices. (...)” full text
06.05.23 — 08.07.23
photos mariana lopes